Verify 24X7

Accurate and reliable background

checks from thousands of courts in India


An automated cause list tracking service

with daily targeted and filtered reports


Valuepitch started off as a digital marketing agency in 2006. After moderate success in the agency space, we regrouped reskilled and reinvented ourselves to create technology solutions for industries with gaping efficiency problems.

Informm and Haazirho, our first products, brought exponential gains to the reputation management and legal industries, and took us to market leadership positions within a short span of time. was our first peer to peer product. It helps people gain social popularity using content recommendations. Verify 24x7 is our latest offering. Verify 24x7 brings much needed automation, accuracy and speed to the background verification industry.

In 2012, Valuepitch was approved for loan assistance from the Technology Development Board (Department of Science and Technology) for the creation of solutions for the legal industry after a detailed technical and solution evaluation. The mandate of the TDB is to provide financial assistance to the industrial concerns and other agencies attempting development and commercial application of indigenous technology or adapting imported technology for wider domestic application.


venkat ramana

  • Venkat was Director of Operations at Pinstorm before he created Valuepitch in 2006. Over the years, Venkat has created path-breaking products like Insta Ads, Smartags and SVAT in search marketing.
  • He had spent over two years with where the revenues grew by 800%.
  • He joined Pinstorm in 2004, where he set up the Digital services delivery team of over 50 people and became the Director- Delivery within 2 years. Venkat has 3 patents pending for inventions in data mining.

j krishnamurthi

Head of Product Development
  • JK was Head of International Sales Support and Head of Google Business Solutions, India at Google from 2006 to 2013. Over the last 17 years he has worked with companies like PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Channel V, Google and Pinstorm. JK was CTO at Channel V's and Director of Technology at Pinstorm.
  • JK has an MBA from the Indian School of Business and an MS from the University of Maryland at College Park.
  • When he is not quizzing, travelling or playing music, JK designs products and thinks up solutions.

sureshwar raju

Finance Controller
  • The ninja warrior managing our finances. He is an expert in managing shoe string budget that startups vie for.
  • He has dabbled in accounts, client servicing, and sales and wears any hat that an occasion calls for. He loudly debates (when there is a scotch and good music) running the kitchen is the most important aspect of business and life, rest humbly disagree.

samir shelar

Data Scientist
  • Samir has a Btech in Computer Engineering from BATU in Raigargh. His specializations include Data Mining and Scaling algorithms, and Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Samir has a keen interest in art and Marathi literature. When he is not wasting his money on shopping online, he gets tremendous work done for valuepitch.

sagar rautray

Product Manager
  • Sagar has an MCA degree from the Pune University Computer Science Department(PUCSD). His specializations include Cloud Computing, data structures and algorithms.
  • Sagar's interests include trekking, cricket and politics.

prasanna n

Head, Back Office Operations
  • With a six sigma black belt, Prasanna is our martial arts expert with a distatste for inefficiency
  • She has managed clients across diverse sectors including FMCG, Financial (BFSI), Consumer Durables, Telecom, Entertainment, Travel, Tourism and New media.
  • When she is not fighting about which channel should be on TV, she is our resident workaholic.




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