For a Safer Society

  • We are very easy to work with, our products are easier!
  • We believe in instant gratification. Our reports follow the same.
  • We typically bring down the costs significantly from the existing benchmarks.
  • We don’t build anything if it’s not better than an existing product.
Who are we

We are a group of 50 odd people. We keep facing turbulence and somehow overcome these. We had a great going with our online monitoring tool then came the financial crisis - we overcame by selling Mass SMS and Auto Calling solutions to the politicians back then. Then our super hit product (our US Patent is here) got shut down by Facebook. We could sue FB, but we chose to focus on more pleasant activities. Our digital agency avatar always won hearts, but we could never get the price right, so we shut it down.

Covid-19 killed our Fintech zeal. But we reengineered the components to suit other industries, and its looking bright.

We had a flux of founders, trade cycles, financial crashes, and bad lucks! Somehow we kept surviving and keep coming up with some stuff.

Covid-19 also gave the focus we needed. We want to Keep Innovating for a Safer Society (KISS?).Our products help in creating a safer society and are used by our law and order system, Processing KYCs, Identification checks, Verifications, Alert systems. We keep ourselves motivated to create better products which are cost effective and work with lightning speed. (Our products help the right candidate get the job, provide facts to keep someone in jail or otherwise, help police catch criminals, nab)

  • A Safer Society is where you - alone or with others, should feel and be more safe. Whether you are at home, office, in transit transportation (cabs..), or staying at a hotel, or just at a public place, if your money deposited in the bank is given to someone - all these places/events should be safer. This is our objective. We haven’t even reached the first mile in the journey we have chosen. We keep coming up with better offerings in these spaces.