Kickoff Meet 2023: Maximizing Your Potential

For 2023, Valuepitch aimed to create a captivating and participatory experience with its thought-provoking sessions and interactive activities, attendees learned about being proactive, prioritizing effectively, and tapping into their inner resources. Led by inspiring speaker Marcus {Transformation coach} , attendees were empowered to tackle challenges with assertive communication and “thinking win-win.” 

The workshop also featured demonstrations of cutting-edge tools like TeleportHQ and the use of ChatGPT in comic and audio creation.

Let’s roll with the VPians and make 2023 a year to remember!

The 20th January 2023 Workshop was a resounding success, packed with thought-provoking sessions and interactive activities. The highlight of the workshop was undoubtedly Day 1, led by Marcus, who inspired participants to take control of their lives and be proactive.

Day 1: January 20th, 2023

  •  Meet and Greet – Introduction of Participants and Discussion on Controlled and Non-Controlled Situations
  •  Session on “Being Proactive” by Marcus
  •  Activity on Identifying Top 5 Values and Aligning with Goals
  •  ChatGPT Session on Asking the Right Prompts
  •  Session on Begin with the End in Mind and Tower Activity
  •  Prioritization Discussion – 4 Quadrants and Ship and Forest Survival Activities
  •  Slack Challenge and Judgement Challenge
  • End of Day 1

Day 2: January 21st, 2023

  •  Session on Attaching Strong Emotions to Memories by Marcus
  •  Techniques for Forgetting and Forgiving
  •  Assertive Communication Skills
  •  Technical Presentation on Tools for Landing Page Creation and JSON to React Code Conversion
  •  Demonstration of ChatGPT in Comic and Audio Creation using DALLE-E2 and MGROCK
  • Session on “Think Win-Win” and Improving Presentation Skills by Marcus
  •  Role-Play Exercise and Rope Game to Emphasize Focus
  • End of Day 2
Introducing the VPians – your ticket to a wild ride of creativity, innovation, and excitement!

Day 1

The day kicked off with a meet and greet, where attendees had the chance to introduce themselves and learn about each other’s professions. This was followed by a discussion on the concept of controlled and non-controlled situations, and the circle of influence and control. Participants then honed in on their top 5 values and explored how they align with their goals.

The highlight of the day was the ChatGPT session, where attendees learned how to frame questions in a smart and open-minded manner. The focus was on the idea of “Begin with the End in Mind,” which was demonstrated through the “Tower Activity.”

The workshop then delved into the crucial topic of prioritization, using the “4 quadrants” and “Ship and Forest Survival” activities to illustrate the importance of prioritizing tasks. Participants also had the opportunity to put their newfound knowledge into practice through the “Slack Challenge” and “Judgement Challenge.”

Day 2

Day 2 of the workshop continued the momentum, with Marcus leading a session on how to associate memories with strong emotions and tap into a resourceful state. Attendees also learned about techniques for forgetting and forgiving, as well as the significance of assertive communication.

The technical aspect of the workshop was highlighted by demonstrations of tools such as TeleportHQ, Figma Code, , Sketch2Code, and Postman, which were used to convert JSON files into React code and create landing pages with minimal or no coding. The use of ChatGPT in comic and audio creation was also showcased, using tools like DALLE-E2 and MGROCK.

The final session of the day, led by Marcus, centered around the “Think Win-Win” concept and the art of saying no assertively. Participants also had the opportunity to sharpen their presentation skills and participate in a role-play exercise. The “rope game” reinforced the importance of focus and avoiding distractions.

In conclusion, the 2023 Workshop – Day 1 and 2, provided invaluable insights into being proactive, prioritizing effectively, attaching emotions to memories, and improving presentation skills. The sessions emphasized the importance of thinking win-win, assertive communication, and continuously upgrading oneself. With a focus on speed, efficiency, and marketization, attendees left the workshop equipped to tackle the competitive business world head-on.

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